Updates: 2008 and forward I was invited to contribute development of these ideas to 645 Congress Street, High & Danforth, and the Oak Street Lofts.

Over 25% of all households are one person living alone these days, and in urban areas that number is sometimes over 60%! How can we create efficiencies of households, ensure good meals and casual social interactions for those who want them? What’s the most green and efficient way to live in an urban setting that doesn’t compromise privacy, community, or quality of food and light?

Ecolofts is micro-cohousing. It’s a condo association where each person has their own room or two, but shares a large common kitchen, guest room(s), and other activity rooms. It’s a step up from a housemate household in that the design ensures private access, and you can actually own your own unit plus part of the common space.

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