Wouldn’t it be great if you could get from one end of the city to the other by bike path? What if in front of your house or building was gardens instead of parking?

The problem: difficulty creating new greenspace in developed urban neighborhoods.

The solution: create a competition to find the block most willing to redevelop their street as a greenway and build them a park! The street becomes gardens with just a strip of pavement for bikes, pedestrians, and emergency vehicles. Access to driveways could be kept, or not.

In the glorious future: greenblocks can be connected into greenways. Perhaps some of them can become skiways in the winter!

Funding: $10,000 for part-time volunteer or paid coordinator for one year to design and manage project, and to facilitate neighborhood groups that are most enthusiatic to work out any concerns. $90,000 to convert street, less if it’s a street that’s going to be torn up anyway. Can use funds allocated for street rebuilding, parks, and/or community development. Foundation and resident fundraising, as well as resident labor, could also be used.

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