Manual labor has been given a bad name, mostly due to people working long hours in poor conditions without proper exercise science. Those of us who can afford it end up working out with trainers, or spend the weekends in the mountains. Why can’t we create businesses that use physical labor and trainers, Crossfit style? Maybe it would be enough fun that people would put in their labor for free!

Some possibilities:

FunDigg – group class digging foundation and ditches; focused on squats and upper body symmetry.

SpinBus- weld together some bicycle parts onto a chasse, and offer bus service during the morning and evening commute. Perhaps 8-10 cyclists with a coach could move an additional 4 or 5 people? This shouldn’t be any slower that a typical bus!

Farmfit- All varieties of farm activities monitored by a fitness coach. Perhaps this could work with the next idea. .. the cowork farm! Kind of like this, but with a team, and a coach!

What other industries could be run with human labor in this country if the labor itself was close to free?

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