GruntMatch Update

GruntMatch, which I helped start in spring of 2011, has run 5 prototype events. We are now talking about widening the appeal to work with employers and other sponsors. You can see pictures here: … Continue reading


City life has its drawbacks: noise, lack of access to nature, and high cost of living. Maine is full of affordable properties in beautiful areas, but they are often far from critical mass of people, group activities, and intellectual stimulating … Continue reading


Manual labor has been given a bad name, mostly due to people working long hours in poor conditions without proper exercise science. Those of us who can afford it end up working out with trainers, or spend the weekends in … Continue reading


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get from one end of the city to the other by bike path? What if in front of your house or building was gardens instead of parking? The problem: difficulty creating new greenspace … Continue reading


2011 Update: A group I’m working with got a $10,000 CDBG grant from Cumberland County to study the feasibility of creating a Homeshare Matching program here much like HomeshareNow in Vermont. The group started meeting in August 2011 and hopes … Continue reading


After LeaderShift I started thinking about how many young people there are with smarts and energy, but no money or connections to experience and capital. And those with experience and success are busy, but might be willing contribute time to … Continue reading


Updates: 2008 and forward I was invited to contribute development of these ideas to 645 Congress Street, High & Danforth, and the Oak Street Lofts. Over 25% of all households are one person living alone these days, and in urban … Continue reading